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Introduce yourself
Hi, I'm Jeffrey and my WOTLK was my favorite expansion, so I'm looking forward to reliving the experience! Also, my favorite parts of the game are cooking, fishing, and questing. =D
Welcome! I myself love fishing and questing, especially Eastern Kingdoms and Azeroth while on WoTLK.
-- With love, dedication and respect,

-- Frostgale's Staff.
Pleasure to be here Smile
Hey everyone, I'm unlink. I live in Germany and I've been looking for a nice small WoW server and was gonna give this one a try fairly soon.


Hope to see you soon Smile
Hey peeps, I'm an ol' school WoW vet, and looking forward to play with u guys... cya soon Smile
Hello everyone, I have played many versions of wow but WOTLK is my favorite and I wanted to try a server with a smaller community. After hearing good things I created an account and the adventure begins, nice to meet you all Smile
Hello my name is Brandon I've been playing wow for a very long time now and over the years it's just lost the community it use to have so i'm hoping that joining a small server will make me feel that community again thank you for having me
I'm Andrew. Live near Philadelphia. I'm an avionics engineer. Been playing wow since wotlk. Current retail subscriber. Also have playing vanilla wow on darrowshire but saw dodgykebaabs YouTube review and it seems like there is a sense of community here.
I'm Richard. I live in Californa, Been playing wow since launch and watched the community grow toxic, then saw Dodgykebaabs video on Youtube and thought i would give it a try.
Hello. I've been searching for non-cataclysm+ servers, as I consider the game died out in story after LK, and hoping this one to be an active here-to-stay server to set up shop. Smile
Hi Im Joe I like questing alot on wow i have mists of pandaria but i have no money for the Subscription so i thought idd try out a private server i have a lvl 90 priest,DK,Warrior,Paladin and warlock
Hi all, I am Jai/Jay/Jo/JP(way too many nicknames, i know). I go by the name of Lolester/Jimmeh when it comes to gaming.
Quick History:
Used to be an athlete, now i am fat and lazy.
Not new to WoW as i used to be Admin on a different server in 2015-16(or more but around that time), quit playing for almost a year and probably forgot how to play at all.

You'll probably find me leveling up character(s) as i like to do that or playing GTA Online.

I am a Social Media Marketer by profession so you can ask me for suggestions/help if you need any.
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