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Introduce yourself

As a community, it is always best to know each other, more or less, either way, when working in a closed environment with other people trying to achieve the same goal, a little "get-to-know-you" never hurts. Therefore, let's get to know each other!


I am Death, and I am 23 years old, I pretty much listen to any music genre, simply adore everything "code-related"/"tech-related" and after a shit ton of work and countless hours spent on different projects, I've decided it is time to start working into something Unique, something to provide quality, something that in 2017 should be perceived as normal, unlike others might think. Alongside with a few good friends we decided Frostgale should be born.. and well.. here we are!

What about you?
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-- With love, dedication and respect,

-- Frostgale's Staff.
Hi! i'm Ty and i am really looking forward for this project! been waiting for some updates for a while
Greetings, mortals!

My name is Andu and I'm 22 years old. For what is worth, I miss Harambe. I'm playing on retail for now, but I hate the comunity. Hopefuly I'll find great people here.
PS: I love pineapple on pizza.
PSS: Dicks out for Harambe
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Welcome everyone! So happy to have you all here!

We all miss Harambe. #dicksoutforharambe Sad
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Charax Silvershield, Glory of the Kaldorei, the Silver Sentinel, Mog Emperor of Emerald Dream, Professional Forum Commentator/Gladiator and several other (self-appointed) titles.

Retail player since Vanilla - sub cancelled in December as I am interested in the Nostalrius reboot. I've spent my time on RP-PvP servers exclusively.

A big hello to you all from Canada!
Welcome on Frostgale, brave one! We hope you might have found a place to call home from time to time!
-- With love, dedication and respect,

-- Frostgale's Staff.
Hey there Robin! We are all so happy to have you amongst us! Welcome!
-- With love, dedication and respect,

-- Frostgale's Staff.
Hello! I'm Ben and i just saw your post on reddit. i really like what you try to do here and i will stick around to see where it goes. good luck and may we enjoy some quality time online here.
Brian, uk, not much to say. Also saw ur post on reddit and got me interested. Guess we will see where it goes.
Hey, I'm Jonathan. 24 years old, in the US, specifically California for now but relocating to Washington state soon, and I work in Software Quality Assurance.

Been playing WoW on and off for close to a decade now. Despite all of that time, I was never a hardcore player and didn't progress beyond a level 50 or so character. Because of that, I'm looking forward to jumping into this type of stalled, progressive server. See you guys in-game.
Great to have you around us! Welcome to Frostgale Jonathan and we hope you may call this place a home when it comes to spending time online playing Warcraft!
-- With love, dedication and respect,

-- Frostgale's Staff.
Hello everyone! Dustin here, I'm 20 years old from Texas, and have been playing WoW since late vanilla / early TBC. My brother's best friend got me hooked on WoW when I was much younger, and I remember spending days upon days grinding on mobs near Aerie Peak on his level 60 rogue while he was at work so I could send the money over to my low level hunter. One of the best memories I have is my entire guild chipping in when I hit level 40 to get me my riding training and my first mount (a nightsaber). Good times.

Anyways, the most fun I have ever had in WoW was during WotLK. This was the first expansion I got a max level and although I didn't get to raid a whole lot during the early raids, I did manage to clear LK on 25M in a PuG. Most of my best memories have been from WotLK and I am hoping to relive that, so hopefully we can all make this an awesome realm to play on!
Welcome Dustin! We are so glad to have you here! In time, I am sure we will grow, it just takes time for people to find out about the quality we will provide here.

PS: Death meets Life Grin
-- With love, dedication and respect,

-- Frostgale's Staff.
Greetings everyone,
My Name is Paul, I'm 19 years old, I'm from Germany and I have started playing WoW a Long time ago and most of the time I played WotLK on private Servers even after testing some other Patches and the retail I decided: ULDUAR IS THE BEST!
Also I hope we get enough People to build 25-man raids on each faction and Let the better Guild get the Server-Firsts!
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O/ Im Evan, early 30s, first played retail in the July 2004 closed beta. I did progression raiding in Vanilla-Cata. I recently dropped retail as I've gotten sick of the decisions Blizzard has made for legion. Saw one of your reddit posts.

I am intrigued by the build plan of this server. Im also old now so the idea of a slow moving server speaks to me as my freetime is limited with family and all.

Also, I am a professional sysadmin and developer by day. Nice to meet all you!
Greetings to both of you! We are glad to have you all here! This is the exact type of people we are looking for to build this community.

Enjoy your stay here on Frostgale, and should you have any questions at all, ask away, Private Message me, or anyting and we will get right onto it.
-- With love, dedication and respect,

-- Frostgale's Staff.
My name is Dodgykebaab and I'm totally new to the private server community!

tyrisflare wrote:

My name is Dodgykebaab and I'm totally new to the private server community!

And this.. this is why I always liked your videos Grin

-- Welcome on Frostgale! Thanks A LOT for taking the time to check this tiny project out! Should you need any help / info what-so-ever-so, hit me up with a PM!
-- With love, dedication and respect,

-- Frostgale's Staff.
Hello everyone ! My name is Matthew, im younger than most of you here (17) but that doesent mean i cant enjoy games Grin I am quite new to WoW, i have some previous experiences on other private servers but that mostly stopped at lvl 30. Now i think i found the right place, somewhere i could stay and maybe even be useful. I have played many MMORPGS before (like GW2, TERA, Minecraft (jk), ArchAge and so on). I have some knowledge in Photoshop and web design, also in writing (if that matters for some reason Pfft). Soo, yeah ! Glad to meet you all !
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