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Auto Balance

few Days ago I startet playing here with my hunter Nahir.

Now I play a level 80 Deathknight named "Zamoa". I really like the Server and the community.

But there is also the Problem: The community is really small. Most of the time there are only 4-5 (including me)people online and they are most likely not level 80.

So I have nothing to do except Dailys (but for what?) I'm a DK and can do all normal Dungeons alone, but only "normal" Dungeons not Heroic. I can even farm Naxxramas 25 trash but also there: No Bosses. The Problem is the scaling. The HP scales very well but the Damage not.

Would be really nice if the Damage would scale like the HP so that I can do a Heroic solo if no one is online. Maybe even a Raid Boss with good gear, even if other level 80 people are online, I know only 1 Healer .. and even with 2-3 DPS you can't do a Heroic / Raid without Heal at that point.

Point: Please scale the Damage aswell the HP

Also: English is not my native Language, hope I could point out the Problems Grin
Personally, I understand what you mean. But, if damage scales too and people solo things, they don't need other players and achieve everything alone. At this moment, it might seem like a good idea. I agree, some people still need better gear, so running a dungeon alone might be good for them when there's not enough people. But, I don't think the "scaling" should stay for a long time. When we have a few more people at lvl80, we can raid every week again, then we would be fine.

My point is, World of Warcraft is an MMORPG. Things aren't meant to be done alone. Yes, we need more players, that is the main issues, but I don't think it's a good idea to change the whole game, that you can do everything alone. I understand you want to have something to do, I'm just basically waiting for some more people to hit lvl80 to do dungeons. :/

For now, the HP scaling is a good thing, for the raids. But I don't think it should be changed that people can solo dungeons to get better gear.
id take low level dungeon scaling, Just so leveling is easier, But thats just me. Not a long term solution anyway.
TLDR; at bottom

well here are my thoughts on the matter for what its worth, and i have already messaged death about this as well a few weeks about but im sure he is still super busy with irl stuff etc.

because the hp value scales to the number of people in the instance/raid things are defenently doable with less then full amount of people, HOWEVER there are a few issues because no system is perfect.

due to the additive system in effect (1 person in a 5 man = mob health at 20%, 2 people in a 5 man 40% mob hp etc.) that part of the system works well for going in and trying to solo stuff etc as a challenge, BUT since the damage values remain at 100% even for 1 person in the instance it becomes frustratingly difficult to try and clear any instance in northrend etc unless you have at minimum a tank and a healer... and then at that point you have very little dps to try and deal with 40% mob hp... so you need to bring some dps and all of a sudden you need 3-4 people.

This is fine because like emilia said, yes it is a mmorpg, however lets be honest this server is a very low pop server and it will never get to the mmorpg scale, maby peaking 20-30 people if we are super lucky...

with that said yes i feel dungeons/raids should scale the damage to the number of players inside (to a point) and ill explain why for dungeons as well as raids below.

because we are using 3.3.5 talents the first raids as well as the dungeons will be super easy. with that said with the damage being left at 100% for heroics/normals only tanks can actually take the damage of mobs/bosses and live... i dont think it is a good idea to force people to use a tank and healer in 5 mans however being restricted to use one of the following may be a good idea.

for example if group 1 wants to do a heroic and they have a tank and two dps they should be able to if there is a hybrid that can toss out a few heals every now and then. and also if group 2 wants to do some heroics and they ahve a plate dps and a healer they should be able to clear stuff...

with response to raids i think it is a very good idea to scale the damage and hp with response to how many people are inside and the reason why this wont make it so people can solo or even 2-3 man all content is because of game mechanics... for example say there is a dk tank a warlock and a shadowpriest and they want to go clear nax.... in my eyes yes they should be able to go in there and be able to clear some bosses but mechanics will keep them from clearing everything... think about the fights.

for the following ill use the 10m encounters as examples:

spider wing:

would be able to clear the first two bosses i would think but unable to do mexena because of not being able to cleanse poison combined with enrage and web wraps/stuns

military wing:

possibly do first boss but unable to do 2nd as splitting up a 3 man group to deal with live and dead side would be really hard

very hard to do 4hm because you wouldnt be able to keep a person on each side so the stacking debuffs would get really high

Plague wing:

need decurse for noth so that would be really hard to progress passed without it

Abomination wing:

would prob be able to do patchwork and grobulus but would get stuck on gluth because of not having someone to kite the adds in the back.

looking ahead to uldar - need minimum of 4 people i would think to get past vehicle fight... actually thinking ahead to uldar even if you were to drop the hp and damage values to 10% per person in 10mans it would still be hard with 5 people just because the mechanics in uldar, toc, and icc are so complex.

All in all with the group of a shadowpriest, warlock, and dk tank you would be able to clear 6 bosses from Nax 10 if the damage was lowered to match the scaling of the hp, BUT BECAUSE OF MECHANICS it still encourages you to bring more people to fill more roles.

TLDR; yes i think the damage should scale to match the hp values. this will make it easier to go though the heroic gearing process but still encourage people to fill all roles in raids because of MECHANICS (poisons, diseases, curses, debuffstacks, tank swapping, fight mechanics etc)
This is something I've been thinking about as well.. I don't want to be able to solo heroics or raids, the whole point of the game is to do this with other people and build those friendships, etc.. 'but' I've also been having a hell of a time trying to gear up as a new 80 because there are only one to two 80's on when I am. For the time being it could be nice for the damage to scale as well so that I could two man some dungeons for some starter gear/rep.

I've also noticed another issue with the flex system.. that people will do heroics without me or others because bringing someone else makes the dungeon more difficult.. and this really is not fun and is counter productive for someone trying to gear up to help get raids started. Forget about trying to get anyone to run normals either.

I'm not sure how best to fix this but if we want to raid then we've got to get online and help newer 80's otherwise we're going to be stuck the way we are for the foreseeable future.

Just my two cents.
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