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Newbie ;-;
Hai! I'm not a fan of putting my real name online so.. Just call me Skyler! I'm new to this server (Not to the game) and just wanted everyone to know so they wont be confizzled >.> I most likely will be a blood elf or a night elf... Possibly a Drieni. (sorry I suck at spelling...) But if you know anyone on the server called Stealthybeef, that's my brother! So thank him when you have a chance ^^ And if you see me in the game, you could ask for help because... I suck at fighting and doing spells..

Whelp! Hope I get to see you. Cya :3 -Skyler
P.S: If you don't see my name as Skyler, it might be as Skyy or something like that XD
I wish you all the best and I hope you will find what you seek while spending time her eon Frostgale! We are glad to have you around!
-- With love, dedication and respect,

-- Frostgale's Staff.
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