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Another month, another challenge!
Greetings everyone,

I announce everyone that even though it was a tough month, we made it through! We have renewed the subscription to our hosting services and we live to see the summer up ahead. Changes are coming.. just like the winter.

-- Stay tuned for more!
-- With love, dedication and respect,

-- Frostgale's Staff.
Good to see you again! Don't be afraid to allow donations or even to open up faction changes, race changes, etc etc.. Those were all apart of the game and could help fund server costs. I'm enjoying my time here so I would gladly help where I can. Smile
Race changes and such would be fine. I heard some people that wished they had chosen a different faction...

Also, good to see you around, Death. ^^
Dear Death ( lol, this sound weird.. :'D ) would it be possible to create a special thread with news / updates so that we can keep track of all the changes and innovations that are happening @ Frostgale. It would be nice.
Also think about that vote/donate shop (I wrote suggestions @ "Regarding Future Promotions"Wink - But at that way we could keep server alive.
Keep it up, do not give up!
Thank you all for your support! I will consider all the ideas and even the "donations" but I will need to think everything properly. If there is one thing I always cared about is the fact that I always plan things 10 moves up ahead. I don't like rush decisions without thinking every single angle of it. Some may not agree with me but I don't like rushing into things.
-- With love, dedication and respect,

-- Frostgale's Staff.
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